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Welcome to Dognaked's singles gallery. Being sort of a stickler for technical quality (which I freely substitute for artistic merit) you may have noticed there can be occasional pauses before my most excellent IP's lightning fast servers and your probably more average but adequate communication devices, microprocessors, and display adaptor are able to actually provide you the complete visual reconstruction of one of the pages on my website. I believe the term excruciating has come up more than once in regard to this topic. This is because I have a problem with recreations of images using only 4% of the original information such as you get when you produce a 40kb jpg file from a 3-1/2 x 5 inch snapshot. I guess that's a problem if serving the palates of the masses actually concerned me but never having had an even self-preservatory interest in things economic, I haven't been particularly interested in maximizing traffic flow. It admittedly shows in the numbers that put up with the wait for my index page to be drawn for a few seconds before their attention falls off it's pre-ordained span and they're off to unknown but highly anticipated horizons. The rest of you are certainly a puzzle but having come this far, clearly are from an extremely odd segment of the population. 



Nevertheless your patience, at least, is truly admirable and for that, and because I am frankly flattered at your interest (I tend to be somewhat naive and rarely consider the malicious reasons that motivate some), I've decided that you've been tortured enough and am therefore placing any truly high-resolution graphics in this section where you may gaze upon that most crass of indexing tools, thumbnails, and move from those to graphics, that by nature of their gargantuan file size, will exist as solitary objects on their respective pages. Bear in mind however that if you think you have any idea what kind of effect an image will have on you based on viewing it's postage-stamp re-creation, I submit that you may be deluding yourself, since adequate information just does not exist in the assembly of pixels that makes up a thumbnail to predict even the gross features of it's parent.



I therefore do not intend to imply that there are any special attributes which distinguish the images in this section from all my other photos other that that they will probably take for fuckin' ever to load and/or download. In fact there may well be repetitions here of photos on other pages but these will again be high resolution shots and stuff that has otherwise been modified.













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