WooHoo, another winter fades to oblivion. Been out pushin the envelope three times this week! Guess it's about time for another page since I'm takin in the sites. Ever since page 8 I been hung up on themes so I need a theme. While I'm thinkin, maybe I'll throw up some pictures.





. . . . niner niner dog,   . . . . . . roger will cock




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hey, let's take a drive























there's me lookin over a fence







A mouse over

(allowing the  curser to hover over the item)

 gets you a different picture.





























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umm, I'm still thinkin'
















now i gotta get back to serious work so   .    .   .  run along    .   .  .   .naked
























































So, what else. I suppose I should clue those of you who hadn't noticed all the new links at the lower levels of each page that there are indeed several new features - all attempting to reveal me naked in yet other image presenting formats. Check 'em out. There's singles with high-resolution downloading at excruciatingly slow speed, or slideshow which can provide a nice diversion as you pretend to watch me on webcam which you of course already checked and discovered I was not there. I guess that's all for now except for signing the guest book which you can sign if you like or puruse my e-mail




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