So .  .  .  .   still lookin for some eh?















well  .  .     .   by sort of popular demand we go for more









every once in a blue moon I notice something besides me. Sometimes I even have the wherewithal to shoot a picture










but,  before long my attentions are back to me






local male escorts gallery 6






this is me under surveillance



I have no idea what's going on on this string of negatives but it certainly looks suspicious























  • when I was a kid I used to love to see hippies with holes in their jeans, they were all of course young and beautiful Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm). back then, which helped  . .  .  .  . but ever since, I've been on a one-dog campaign to bring this particularly alluring fashion style back.  



    Wave your mouse over the cube to control it's spin.


    What do you think?

    Bring more exposure to young men's jeans again?  

    (don't ask me how to make the check box work, i just wanted one on my page).  


    OK if you want to see more holes in young men's jeans  .  .  .




    < - - - - then how about you click here    







    now, not new and still incomplete!

    for your viewing pleasure!

    the very occasionally .  .  . LIVE .  .  .  DOGCAM!!!







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    local male escorts gallery 7

    fuck paypal

    You can download any of dog's photos from a convenient thumbnail gallery created back in the day when dognaked had visions of greenbacks rewarding his webbish efforts. It was hooked through paypal and the dog would get a buck and some change whenever guests rose to the bait (about twice/month), THEN paypal decided that the dog was "profiting from immorality" and closed the account. Paypal actually kept $1000 of my mom's money for a year saying they thought I was trying to rip her off because she transferred the money to me via paypal. They recently lost a class action suit for that type of behavior and owe me a settlement. They keep contacting me to settle up but when I respond  -  you guessed it  -  my account is closed for immorality so paypal continues to weasel out of its obligations  -  how convenient for them  .  .  The gallery has every photo that was on the site 4 years ago but hasn't been updated   -   but hey   -   its free.



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