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call it the attic





Actually, for the time being you can look at this page as if it were one of those overfilled storerooms  with stuff shoved up against each other and stacked to the ceiling waiting to one day to take its intended residence (or maybe having already seen its day) in some preeminent display at the Smithsonian or granny's parlor room.


i will try to get it organized soon, after scanning a bunch of photos I realized there were far better ones but it takes so long to sift through and my own tastes change from day to day





There's something about tunnels and parking garages that make me want to get naked almost as much as the great outdoors - part of it is the photogenic quality of a lighted industrial-sized structure at night - and since I now associate photography with nudity I put flesh and concrete to work.







































Are you one of these guys who can't tell if you're GAY?  It's hard to imagine but when I think about it I guess the closest  I ever came to that predicament was maybe when I didn't want to admit I was gay but I knew in my heart that it was a done deal. That would have been late high school years. I knew before that but somehow it didn't bother me.  So what's my point? Actually just another excuse for a webpage featuring   .  .  .  .  what else?  .  .  .  .  .  .  me  .   .  .  .  .  .naked   .  .  .  .  .  . duh.  And since it's you guys who are still a bit wary of your compelling desires that really get a rise from me I thought I'd entice you with    .    .    .   




      Find out!

                                  For Sure!



are you gay or are you not. Guaranteed to lay that question to rest   .   .  without a bunch of psychiatrists or good drugs. From the comfort of your own web portal. Why wait?, take the test today.


I      could be Gay!





i like tunnels


this one's in phoenix








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