Welcome to dog's latest section of his starts and fits website!!. The other day this dude, in LA I guess, sends me these photos, and I'm like,  DUDE!!  .  .  .  these are like really hot, and he goes on and on about me, which is like always kewl, and ya know like says all this stuff about how he's like me and, you know, imitation is the the totally tits kind of flattery, so i'm like yeah dude, i'm down wit dat, but hey, they might look like they look like my pictures , but they don't look like my shit. So now i'm thinkin wow, i'm really down with  it and   .  .   . well  .  .  .  i just had ta show these off cause the dog of nakedness dig em







Subject: You Are So Cool.


I don't know how I stumbled across your website - I think through the Webring Directory. I've looked at your site at least a  dozen  times. You've managed to capture what I've been trying to do - and are damned good at it! I LOVE concrete, steel and all that gritty stuff as well as your nature pictures! Can I please tell you how long I've been looking for a tunnel or even  an oversized storm drain? The L.A. river is pretty populated these days since they've put in a running lane right by it.





Anyway - I've attached one of my first attempts of my "concrete" mode. Keep doing what you're doing - and maybe one day I'll be able to take pictures of you and that sexy body of yours doing lewd things in public places. Maybe we can set a timer and we could both be doing lewd things in public places! To each other!!! Hey, what are you doing labor day? And where do you live?  I'm in L.A. The coastline needs to be photographed with your body.




From: :[email protected]            Sent: Saturday, August 19, 2000 1:24 PM    To: [email protected]


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